Our Conviction
We believe that the People Resource will be the most important catalyst for driving Kenya’s and East Africa’s economic transformation…..while affordable energy will be the other. Thus ESAL aims to provide a convergence for harnessing East Africa’s rich Energy and People resources to drive the economic transformation of our region.

Through our ‘People-Energy: Africa’s Future’ agenda, we are focused on empowering African entrepreneurs and professionals to participate in the Energy sector through knowledge sharing and information dissemination.

We Are Helping to Shape East Africa’s Future
We are committed to help the countries in the region avoid the pitfalls that have commonly come to be referred to as ‘the resources curse’. At ESAL it is our assertion that natural resources including oil and gas are not a curse but can be integral components of national development. We recognize that national participation by the region’s professionals and businesses will be an integral tool in ‘legitimizing’ the development of East Africa’s energy resources and in particularly the region’s oil and gas resources. The success of any local